Monitoring & Maintenance

All businesses face challenges while providing the products and services their customers need. We monitor systems 24x7 so IT isn’t one of them. Our Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance plans ensure you and your staff can focus all your time on what’s important.

24x7 Server & 8x5 Workstation Monitoring

Monitoring for physical hardware status and applications like Microsoft Exchange and SQL. Advanced self-healing configured for common problems. We also provide monitoring for network devices like routers and switches and ensure peripheral devices like NAS systems and printers report accurate status.

Patch & Update Management

Monitoring Windows update status has never been more important. With custom scheduling capabilities, we can provide automated patching and updating for each managed node with different schedules and policies for servers, workstations, and laptops. You’ll never have to worry about updates again.

Third-Party Application Patching

Third-party application vulnerabilities continue to be one of the largest security risks within small and mid-sized companies. Our Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance services aim to close the gaps with automated updates for common applications like Java, web browsers, Adobe Flash and PDF Reader, and Apple software, with more added regularly.

AntiVirus software for each node

All of our Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance customers receive complimentary A/V licensing on each server and workstation to prevent the risk of viruses and malware. With great features like centralized policy management and Data Loss Prevention, you’ll never have to worry about licensing A/V again.

Backup Management and Disaster Recovery

Affordable backup and disaster recovery designed for small and medium sized businesses.

Hermetic Networks Backup Manager brings industry-proven, backup and replication technologies to small and mid-sized businesses without outrageous up-front costs.  Our backup and disaster recovery plan includes on-site and off-site full system images of mission-critical server and workstation assets, both physical and virtual, to ensure restoration is quick, complete, and painless.

Monitoring and Management

24×7 backup monitoring with software managed by local professionals if something goes wrong.

Smart Funtionality

Native support for workstations, SQL, Exchange, Small Business Server, Hyper-V, vSphere, and much more.

Custom Scheduling

Backup every day, every night, or every 15 minutes. Our Backup Manager lets you customize and take control of your plan.

Restore to New Hardware

Server dead? No problem. Backup Manager allows restoration to dissimilar hardware, so any new model will work fine.

Virtual Restore

Restore critical assets to a virtual machine quickly and easily. You’ll be back up and running in minutes, not days.


Automated Notifications

Automated notifications and reports mean you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your data at all times.

Mobile Device Management

Keep track of your expensive mobile devices and make sure your staff stays productive out in the field.


Secure Management

Securely keep track of all your devices from a single pane of glass.


Track Location

Track the whereabouts of all your devices via GPS.


Enforce Compliance

Ensure all devices comply with regulatory compliance rules.


Reduce Risk

Prevent unauthorized access in the event of loss or theft.


Reduce Deployment Costs

Quickly assign and deploy email and security templates.


Advanced Reporting

View mobile statistics in one convenient, customizable report.


We maintain network documentation in a secure, web-enabled interface and track vendor contract, license, and hardware warranty expirations so  our customers can better plan for the future and protect their investments.


We sit down with our customers regularly, at no penalty, to discuss what’s working, what needs improvement, and pivots in the IT industry that can help increase operational efficiencies.


We provide personalized support in an instant, no matter where our customers are. Travel the world and a technician you know and trust will be ready to help you continue working. Our unique remote access system is secured with military-grade encryption, meaning help sessions are safe no matter where our customers are located.