Incident Response

Control the aftermath of an attack on your network’s security by limiting damages and recovery costs.

In today’s age, you are safe to assume that it is not ‘if’  but ‘when’ will a breach will occur. To help your company contain the damage and bounce back from an invasion, Hermetic Networks offers a portfolio of Incident Response Testing Programs. We work hand in hand with defenders—simulating DDoS attacks, participating in real world phishing campaigns, and recreating total black box attack methods—in order to discover and fix program shortcomings. As a result, we offer the following services and tailor them to best suit your needs:


  • Policy Review and Recommendation
  • IR Training and Planning
  • Black Box Penetration Testing
  • DDoS Simulation and Attack (Distributed Denial of Service)
  • Targeted Phishing Attacks
  • Insider Threat Simulation