Hosting in the Cloud should be a breeze.

Running a business is difficult enough without having to fight with mail providers, web hosts, and worst of all - domain registrars. We take the effort out of running a business in the Cloud for you and explain what you need and what you don't in terms you can understand. Trust us - we grew up with the Internet. If we can explain this stuff to our parents, we can explain it to your team.
Exchange Hosting

Exchange Hosting

2010 and 2013 mailboxes, SPAM filtering, Sharepoint, compliance, and encryption.

Sentinel Cloud Security

SPAM and Phishing protection for in-house Exchange with built-in MX Backup. Keep working even during power or internet failures.

Web & Domain Hosting

We’re not sure why the term Webmaster stopped being cool, but that’s what we’ll be for you. A master of your web presence.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 & 2013

10GB Mailboxes

Plenty of room for years of communication, all available wherever you through Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology.

Fully protected by 6 commercial virus, spam, and phish filtering engines and compatible with iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Expanding is easy, too, with additional chunks of 10GB available upon request.

Sharepoint Logo


Exchange 2013 mailboxes come complete with access to your own unique Sharepoint document collaboration space with unlimited storage!

Share documents across your organization and engage your staff with new ways to work together. Sharepoint helps teams organize information for projects and manage version histories. Ask us to give you a demonstration!

Compliance Archiving

Available Compliance Archiving provides secure, long-term storage and and recovery that assures compliance with regulatory requirements established by the IRS, HIPAA, SOX, and SEC.

Set custom, per-year policies with affordable archiving solutions that grow with your business.

Corporate Encryption

Encryption for your mailboxes provides a seamless way for organizations of all sizes to implement content protection and control over information being sent through email.

Simply type [ENCRYPT] in your subject line to store your data on our encrypted servers and notify your recipient they have received an encrypted message and alert your administrator.

Ready to upgrade to a professional messaging system?

Get in contact today to schedule your FREE consultation and upgrade the way you communicate with your customers. Setup is simple – we even migrate your current mail to your new mailboxes for you! What are you waiting for?

Let's get started!

Hermetic Networks Sentinel Cloud Security

Sentinel Cloud Security

Advanced SPAM Filtering

Reinforce your Exchange server with advanced Spam and Virus filtration from 6 advanced engines, all without any software to install.

With a convenient, web-based quarantine, all your staff will have access to their filtered messages no matter where they may be.

MX Backup

You’re no longer up a creek when the power or internet goes out on your in-house Exchange server.¬†Each user can send and receive mail when your server is down in a web interface.

You get 5 days of web-based storage for your incoming mail, built right into the filter. Our system checks every 15 minutes to see if your server is back up, then forwards your mail on to Exchange.

Hassle-Free Setup

There’s no setup in-house. We take care of configuring the filter and setting up your users.

Once you’re protected, we send you a nice PDF with instructions on how to use the filter and the emergency webmail system. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

We think it’s kinda cool. We bet you will too.

We can have it running today. Let's do it.

Set up a FREE consultation for a demonstration on how our filtration system works. You’ll never have to worry about problems with your email going out every again – there’s no reason not to start today!

I hate downtime!

Web Hosting and Domain Management


Lots of our customers get caught off guard and give us really strange looks when they get this question. There’s a lot that goes into configuring your business domain, DNS records, and web hosting. We help sort through the nonsense and make sure your web presence is configured effectively.

Domain Management

Registration, renewal, SSL, forwarding… we take care of it all, year in, year out, low cost.

As many domains as you have, as many more as you want.

Web Hosting

New or existing sites, DNS configuration, FTP access, MySQL databases, WordPress, security, anything you need.

Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SQL databases.

Fast, Friendly Service

Nobody in Richmond will make it easier to forget about your IT woes. We grew up with this stuff, you can rest easy.

We play nice with others, too. We’ll meet with your developers and designers (like Yogg!) to make sure things work just right!

Remember the last time you called your registrar for support?

It was probably a really, really bad time, right? That’s why we offer these services – our customers have more important work to do. Let us save you time, money, and headache. Get in contact for a FREE consultation and we’ll get it all straightened out!

Let's do this!