Remember that time when your Inbox was completely empty? Right, me neither.

Organizing your Inbox may seem like an impossible task. If it’s anything like mine, it’s flooded with an endless list of messages, reminders, and advertisements.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help tame an unruly Inbox:

  1. DELETE emails you no longer need.  3204310433_42500a93e6_o
  2. ARCHIVE emails you may need in the future.
  3. LABEL emails to help sort through the chaos. For some accounts, it’s best to create “rules” which send emails directly to subfolders as they arrive in your Inbox. For other accounts, it’s a good idea to create folders to organize your archived mail.
  4. UNSUBSCRIBE from old subscriptions and advertisements. Links to unsubscribe are often written in small writing at the very bottom of the email. Sometimes the link is the word “here” and not “unsubscribe.” In those cases, “here” is not underlined or a differentiating color.
  5. SCALE BACK the NOTIFICATIONS. It’s more than likely that you are receiving notifications on your phone, so why have them sent to your email? [You can easily stop notifications by changing the settings on your other profiles.]